Business Continuity & Data Recovery

Protect Data and Keep Business Running.

Protect Business Data No Matter Where It Lives

Unified Continuity gives the comprehensive tools necessary to protect critical business data living on servers, personal devices and in the cloud.

Ransomware Protection

Quickly recover from a ransomware attack by rolling back their files to a point before the infection hit, without paying ransom.

Fast Recovery

Cut out the stress and cost of business downtime by quickly and easily failing over operations locally or in the Cloud.

A True Partner

We have Support Teams available 24/7/365 to help MSPs with deployment, management, or during disasters.

Peace of Mind

Meet and exceed your expectations by offering a simple, yet effective BCDR solution that nearly eliminates business downtime and prevents data loss.

Efficient Data Protection

Increase efficiency to grow your business while we deliver top-notch support.


Cloud Continuity for PCs

Saas Protection

Continuity offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform.

All-in-One Business Continuity

3 Run Single Media can reduce the risk and labor associated with building a business continuity and disaster recovery solution. Leveraging our BCDR solution for backup, restore, and virtualization locally, or in the Cloud.

Reliable Data Protection

You can have 100% confidence in your backups because we verify they will boot with all your data intact and free from ransomware.

Eliminate Costly Downtime

Immediately get your back up and running locally, or from the Cloud, to provide your business an edge over the local competition that can’t bounce back as quickly.

Cloud Continuity For PCs protects allows us to protect your endpoints against ransomware, loss or theft, and accidental data deletion with continuous backup and streamlined recovery tools

Reliable PC Backup and Restore

3 Run Single Media take the guesswork out of their BCDR plan with accurate and reliable endpoint recovery.

  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs to a new device
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Simply rollback from ransomware attacks with point-in-time restore
  • Easily pause or delete agents and view recent screenshots

 Simple Deployment and Management

We can deploy and manage services directly from our Management Portal.

One Price, One Terabyte, Zero Complications

Never worry about storage management or additional fees. For one set price, Cloud Continuity supports endpoint devices up to 1 TB in size. There are no surprise recovery charges, and backups are available with time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud.

SaaS Protection decouples data protection from SaaS user accounts.  It provides automated point-in-time SaaS backups, capturing relevant changes across the entire Microsoft O365 and GSuite. Plus it provides an independent copy of data outside of SaaS provider servers.

Lower Costs for Clients

SaaS Protection eliminates unnecessary SaaS provider license fees for departed employees by storing SaaS data in a private cloud.

Prevent Data Loss

We can roll back user O365 or G Suite data to a point in-time before an infection to ensure business resiliency for their clients. And, they can restore critical emails or files lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages.

Simplify User Management

We can easily restore departed employees’ data to a new account, download files directly, or simply archive a user’s dataset until their replacement is hired. Data can be restored in its original state, right back into the application which means less time for 3 Run Single to spent managing backups, and cost-savings for you.

Best Practices

Networking Innovations

Fully Integrated 4G LTE Failover

Networking Edge Routers feature a fully integrated 4G LTE radio. In the event of an Internet outage, routers automatically failover to the LTE network. Failover protection enables your business to continue working, even when the primary Internet connection is down.


Monthly Service Pricing

With Networking, there are optional contract lengths to choose from. All of our Networking products are billed month-to-month as a managed service. If you wish to commit to a one, two, or three year term, we offer monthly discounts on the hardware. It’s flexibility to enable us to best serve you. What could be more Customer-Centric than that?

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Managed Networking Services

We manage an entire fleet of services and devices from one robust management portal which allows us to provide you the best support, a dedicated client portal gives you quick access to submit tickets for fast turn around time, and more:

  • Complete network infrastructure and services
  • Fast Deployments
  • Simple Administration
  • Remote Service