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SecuriSync® goes beyond typical cloud file storage
Three functions in one product: file sync & share, real-time backup, and antivirus (including ransomware)

Key features of SecuriSync

  • Easily save, synchronize, and access the most current versions of files from any device, with unlimited versioning
  • Restore in real time files stored in the cloud, on desktops, mobile devices, and more
  • Reduce downtime from ransomware with built-in anti-malware and antivirus protection from Bitdefender
  • Guard against compromised passwords with two-factor authentication, administered from the HostPilot control panel

*Product and feature availability may vary by region.

File sync and mobile access

Access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the web • Always up to date • Unlimited versioning

Real-time file backup

Real-time backup of all PC files and mobile photos and videos • Restore files to any point in time with one click • Protects files & enables quick recovery from ransomware attacks

File sharing and collaboration

Secure internal and external sharing • Co-editing in real-time • Flexible sharing permissions • Powerful administrative controls • Device access policy

Anti-malware and antivirus protection from Bitdefender

Your files will be protected with Bitdefender’s anti-malware and antivirus software—available for new and existing SecuriSync customers at no extra cost. Two-factor authentication lets administrators add a second layer of protection.

Mobilize file servers

Windows file server integration • Access file server content from mobile devices • Easy and secure sharing of file server files • Backup and restore file server files

Business continuity during ransomware outbreaks

When ransomware strikes, it can be very disruptive to your business.  Getting users back to working quickly depends on having easy access to the latest versions of uninfected files and being able to restore them quickly.

SecuriSync offers both: in the event of ransomware infection, just select the folder you want to restore, select the target point in time—down to the minute—and press the button. Your folders are instantly rolled back to their state at that point in time. A user can then access those files instantly through the web or mobile devices, even as they’re re-syncing to the user’s computer.

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SecuriSync Pricing

You can bundle SecuriSync with other services or complement any existing on-premises or cloud IT environment.