Youth Mental Health-Mentoring

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There is nothing more noble than adults mentoring youth; the transfer of cultural values between generations. But what happens when a recognizable mentoring brand disappears and the organization filling the void is new and unfamiliar in the community? Faced with this challenge, this group sought help from GivingPoint to raise awareness and credence of its mission while raising critical operational funding.


A locally sourced program replaced the loss of a nationally branded youth mentoring program that was lost due to an abuse scandal. Though the founders/board members of the new organization were highly respected in the community, the new organization suffered from the history of the former organization. Battling perception as well as funding challenges, GivingPoint was brought in to raise awareness and annual funding.


Several messaging priorities were implemented primarily targeting client identifiers: schools, faith community, human service providers. Several media releases were developed to correct misconceptions. In addition, the regional business community was targeted for brand clarity and solicitation of Annual Fund gifts. Board members participated directly in dozens of face-to-face solicitations. For the first time, all constituencies were included in direct mail solicitations.


A greater understanding of the organization’s mission and impact was achieved within the community served. Industries responsible for tremendous population growth, thus the need for service expansion, answered the call and pledged support. This organization has a 10-year history of incremental growth in its Annual Fund.

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