Programmatic Advertising

Digital media continues to become more fractured as more media types go digital. Our Programmatic advertising solutions unify the fractured marketplace into a single platform, with a single user interface. This is modern digital marketing made easy.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising with 3 Run allows us to reach their your ideal target market anywhere, at any time, on any device. Leveraging real time bidding in a live auction environment,  3Run's Programmatic solution represents the most scalable audience solutions available in today’s world of Programmatic advertising.

How do we leverage Programmatic Advertising?

The simplicity of being able to source all of your Programmatic tools through a single source, 3 Run is able to scale strategic, sophisticated, multi-platform campaigns with cross device and cross platform optimizations, guaranteeing maximum results.


3 Run uses Programmatic to save time and money by managing the landscape of digital advertising.

Increase Revenue

3 Run is able to immediately increase the ability to solve problems and increase revenue through our Programmatic solutions.

Advanced Options

3 Run is able to differentiate solutions in a highly commoditized market by leveraging the most advanced Programmatic options.

What kind of targeting are typically being leveraging?

Programmatic advertising has nearly unlimited targeting options.  Our Programmatic platform has over 70 different third party data sources providing thousands of ways to segment a marketer’s target audience. Typical Programmatic campaigns marry content targeting, structured data from 3rd party sources, 1st party data from the Partner, first party data from the advertiser, unstructured data from third party sources, and/or geo targeting. Rely on our award winning operations team and the built-in artificial intelligence to guarantee optimal campaign performance from the first impression.

Why is 3 Run the best partner for Programmatic Advertising?

Our team of campaign managers are armed with the best tools, systems, and processes in the local Programmatic advertising industry. Most Partners choose 3 Run because of the focus on quality, execution, and technology.

3 Run's Programmatic solution guarantees 98%+ human traffic by using a blend of quality filters and focusing on site quality, page position, time of day, and more to guarantee the highest quality delivery available in local Programmatic advertising. Using WhiteOps, IAS, Double Verify, Peer39, and a mixture of proprietary site lists, the campaign management team is able to deliver on this high quality human audience.
Programmatic advertising requires constant monitoring, measurement, and optimization. Every campaign manager is compensated based on the performance of the local marketer’s Programmatic campaign. Campaign Managers are largely compensated based on the success of the client's programmatic campaign. You can be confident that your Campaign Manager’s goals are aligned with yours because your success is their success.
3 Run uses The Trade Desk as its primary Demand Side Platform. The Trade Desk has been consistently rated the top DSP by many different industry measurements and is considered one of the best platforms for guaranteeing high quality traffic and execution. Our development team has built many different tools and applications that sit on top of The Trade Desk to optimize their platform for scaling hyper local marketing campaigns. Using and developing best in class technology has been a priority for us since day one.