Managed Power

Damage from surges and outages affects your bottom line. Knowing your system’s power is monitored and managed 24/7 puts your mind at ease and keeps your business running at optimal performance.

Managed Power

Customer-Centric Features

Set up ping tests and auto-reboot. Graphically view historical power usage. Turn power ports on. Turn them off. Click to reboot. Set a schedule. It’s all really simple with our intuitive cloud interface.

Power Port Scheduling

Set a schedule to turn power ports on or off. Proactively reboot a cable or DSL modem every night. Auto-Schedule a power port reset. The power is at your fingertips, saving your clients money and giving you more control.

Power Usage Monitoring

Managed Power enables 3 Run Single Media to quickly view power usage for all connected devices. The power consumption graph shows the wattage each connected device is drawing over a period of time.

This provides control and the ability to monitor usage over time. It also serves as an effective troubleshooting tool, enabling you to see, over a period of time, when devices are powered on, powered off, or sleeping.

Integrated wiFi

You read that right. WiFi in your Managed Power device. The MP60, 6 port Managed Power device includes integrated WiFi to streamline deployment. As soon as you plug in the MP60, it automatically makes a mesh connection with any other Networking WiFi access points on the network.

So if the integrated ethernet connection isn’t available, you’ve still got WiFi.

Out-of-the-Box Ready

As with all Networking products, Managed Power is ready to go right out of the box. Because all setup is done in the cloud, all you need to do is plug your device in. Ready for power, right out of the box.

Non-responsive device?
Your options are limited

Managed Power:
Power at your fingertips

If a device stops responding, you can tell your client to walk into the closet, pull out the plug and then plug it back in. And then hope that they pulled the right plug. Not a good option!

The other choice? Go on a POWER TRIP! That’s when you take a trip to your client’s site just to pull the plug yourself. Also, not a good option!

Datto Managed Power eliminates POWER TRIPS. Now, from the comfort of your own chair, you can click a button and reboot that non-responsive device.

And if the internet is down? Managed Power can be set to continuously ping a list of IP addresses or websites. If those pings don’t connect, each individual power port can be set to automatically reboot. Simple, Power at your Fingertips.

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Managed Networking Services

We manage an entire fleet of services and devices from one robust management portal which allows us to provide you the best support, a dedicated client portal gives you quick access to submit tickets for fast turn around time, and more:

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