Outlook Backup Features

Control your Outlook data

Back up all the data in a user's Outlook client—including locally stored data that doesn't get uploaded to the Exchange server.

Schedule your backups

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups of entire mailboxes or select folders.

Simplify migration

Many customers use Outlook Backup to facilitate self-migration to our Exchange Email service.

Simplify restoration

If you need to restore a user, this service makes it easy to download a .PST file from the cloud.

Bundled with Exchange Email

Every Exchange Email mailbox includes at least 500MB of Outlook Backup per user.

Protect locally stored data

3 Run Single Media's Exchange Email service backs up all the data that's stored in the cloud. But it doesn't protect Outlook data stored on a local hard drive.

Our Outlook Backup tool ensures that this data is protected even if your computer crashes or gets stolen. If your users are leveraging the power of Outlook to store local data, then this tool is critical for protecting the intellectual property contained in that data.