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Office in the Cloud™

30 services. One provider.

There are certain IT services that you need simply to do business. Office in the Cloud lets you get these services from a single provider. We manage integration, security and mobility so your users and admins stay focused on business.

The benefits of a one-stop shop

When you get your IT from a single source, you create significant efficiencies. Choose Office in the Cloud to free your admins from endlessly logging into and out of control panels all day long—and give them the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Special industry solutions


Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations want to improve patient care and staff productivity with services that support HIPAA and HITECH requirements for cloud services.  Our services are independently audited for conformance with HIPAA requirements and are backed by a Business Associate Agreement.


Financial Services

Financial services firms are subject to numerous laws and regulations that require retention and auditing of certain communications, as well as protecting client information.  Our services include security and retention controls to help meet these requirements.


Legal Services

Law firms need to protect confidential communication and documents while improving staff productivity.

Our services include security and privacy controls that support ABA-recommend best practices.


Construction Industry

Architecture, engineering and construction services firms needs to ramp up quickly for new projects with communication and collaboration services for team members.
Our IT services are easy to provision and monitor.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing firms need secure, cost effective communication and collaboration across their supply chain.  Our services include support to make it easy to securely share important information with your extended team.

High-Tech Industry

Legal Services

High-tech firms want feature-rich, robust communications and collaboration services that will scale as they grow.
Our services provide enterprise -level availability and security in cost-effective cloud solutions.