Is Your Business Ready for What’s Next?

Cloud Voice

Business is re-opening. And it will be different. How will you use what you’ve  learned? An old saying touts the opportunity to adapt to what lies ahead for all when its states, “Crisis is the mother of innovation.”

How did you adapt?

How did your business fare during business interruptions forced by safety measures during the COVID-19 crisis? Were your clients able to reach with whom they needed to speak? Did team members continue to collaborate effectively from remote locations? If you answered no, or have doubts – Elevate, a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform is “what’s next” for your business.

Unified Communications – Simplified Scaling & Management

Elevate from 3 Run Single Media puts you in control of your business communications. A single, cloud-based platform efficiently brings together voice, online meeting, secure document sharing, and more. Simplified scaling and management of your business communications via a single contact point: 3 Run Single Media. Seamless integrations working in one direction: the success and growth of your business.

Increased Productivity & Collaboration

Elevate is adaptable and accessible from where your team works: computer, desktop phone, mobile phone. Your team needs to be effective from wherever they are: the office, home, on site. The Elevate application keeps your team connected with cost efficient voice, chat, online meeting, and secure document sharing and collaboration tools. And it  integrates across operating systems: mobile (iOS & Android), computer (macOS & Windows).

Business Continuity

Never miss another call because of call volume or reception availability. Elevate allows your calls to easily roll to the next available team member of your programmable choosing. Choose from inquiry type, hours of availability, and many more customized directory options. Your clients expect a voice to answer their call. Connect them with appropriate team members wherever they may be.

Customized, Reliable, Lower Cost

Elevate is customized to your needs whether your business is small or large. We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” We believe in “your size fits you.” Elevate’s voice systems tout a 99.999% (Five 9’s) reliability rating, the industry’s highest. And because it’s a single cloud-based platform, Elevate can lower your communications costs.

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