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Annual Fund Results

A successful, process-driven system by to identify donor prospects that care about your mission.
Build financial support through sustained giving.

So much is riding on the success of your Annual Fund. Bridging the gap between operations revenue and expenses. Identifying new donor prospects while sustaining donors who will upgrade over time to become major, capital campaign, and planned giving donors. This is just the beginning.

Your Annual Fund results cannot be left to chance.

GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION is an Annual Fund system built for fundraisers by fundraisers. It represents the convergence of proven, sound, long-standing fundraising processes with 21st century digital lead generation marketing. Be more confident in your Annual Fund results with GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION.

GivingPoint. – DONOR EVOLUTION is built upon the donor continuum

We understand fundraising and the continuum represented from impulse gift to major and planned gifts. Each stage, from donor prospect identification through major gift acquisition has unique, critical cultivation, relationship-building features. There are no shortcuts.

What does GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION Do for you?


From donor data you provide, we analyze, segment, and target message prospects in all categories; testing their awareness, propensity to give, and capacity at which they will commit to the mission of your organization.


For impulse gifts we use digital media awareness: social media, email, web ads, etc. to promote your mission where your most likely donors are hanging out. Renewals and sustained givers are kept close with targeted digital messaging and good old fashioned direct mail. Yup, its still very effective.


We’re meticulous in our analysis of your supporters. You’ll hear us use words like KPI – key performance indicators: conversions, attrition/retention, spike-up, plateau, recency, frequency…. What it all means is that we are keeping an eye on how your donors are moving within the donor continuum. We find where they fit and keep them as sustained donors.


Annual Funds are generally internal operations. We can’t afford a great deal of external personal cultivation for the Annual Fund. Or can we? What if “the system” was identifying major gift prospects? What if “the system” was handling segmented messaging, direct mail, and adjustments to reduce LYBNT and SYBNT counts? What if?


If the Annual Fund system is working for you rather than you working for it, then development officers can spend their time “in the field” building major donor relationships and promoting stewardship. They’d know where to go, when to go, and when to discuss upgrades, planned gifts, and any number of other opportunities that grow your organization’s mission.


A good Alpha results in a good Omega. What we do well early in the donor continuum builds momentum. A well-stocked donor pool allows you to identify persons interested in supporting your organization long-term. No need to start every year at zero. Systems, process, analysis, integrated action --- all designed to result in better fundraising. That’s what GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION does for you.
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Tracking donor progress from impulse gift to major and planned gifts is important. In addition, more detailed analytics will reveal more fully the dynamics of your donor development program. We call it DONOR EVOLUTION and our GivingPoint process focuses on donor-type segmentation for messaging and cultivation as well as the all-important RFM Formula: recency, frequency, and monetary value.


The GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION process, combined with your ability to build personal donor relationships, gives your Annual Fund uncommon advantages.



  • Your mission’s message is custom-built and shared effectively.
  • Key messages are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) defined and targeted.


  • GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION integrates easily with current operations.
  • You can easily add external operations: major gifts, capital campaigns, and planned giving seamlessly with 3 Run Single Media’s consulting partner PACE Fundraising.


  • Every action is tracked and measured from macro (system functions) to micro (donor assessment).
  • Benchmarks – we assess donor movement and project future capacity based upon realistic benchmarks.


  • Because we are meticulous in measuring results, adjustments are made in real time.
  • Adapt to results seamlessly without additional cost or lost time.


  • The frequency of donor prospect contact is determined by your budget and the scope of your campaign.
  • Our digital and direct mail elements are designed to reach more prospects who care about your mission.


  • All elements: social media, blog posts, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns are planned in advance and executed on time, consistently.
  • GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION keeps your messaging and donor cultivation consistent, even during inevitable staff turnover.


  • No lost investment, decreased momentum, or uncertainty due to staff turnover.
  • Customized to your organization.


  • All activities are digitally tracked and recorded for assessment and record keeping.
  • Avoid human error in records/data with GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION’s digital data records.

Find Your Organization in GivingPoint - DONOR EVOLUTION:


GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION offers solutions for a variety of organization types and industries.  How do you seek new and consistent donors:

Open Market, Affinity, or Defined Constituency?

In addition, we’ve built three service levels: ONLINE AWARENESS, ADVANCED ENGAGEMENT and ENHANCED GROWTH.

Choose your donor prospect pool type, your service level, and let’s start raising money!

Open Market – broad mission appeal

  1. No geographic limits
  2. Emotional appeal across a broad spectrum of donor prospects

Select Examples:

  • Human Services
    • Children’s Issues
    • Combatting Homelessness
    • Combatting Abuse
    • Hunger Issues
    • Developmentally Challenged
    • Other
  • Animal Issues
    • Adoption
    • Cruelty
  •  Environmental Issues
    • Clean water
    • Air quality
  • Veteran’s Issues
    • Disabled
    • Suicide prevention
    • Housing
    • Healthcare
  • Other

Affinity – common interest/like-minded prospects

  1. No or select geographic limits
  2. Peer to peer emotional appeal

Select Examples:

  • Outdoor/Sportsman Interests
    • Hunting/Fishing
    • Gun safety
    • Species preservation
    • Other
  • Athletics
    • Booster organizations
    • Tournaments/Events
  • Interpretive/Tourism
    • Museums
    • Commercial tourist attractions
    • Events

Defined Constituency – current, or previous relationship-based

  1. Institutional or geographic limits
  2. Strong affinity

Select Examples:

  • Education (k-12, Higher ed.)
    • Alumni
    • Parents
    • Community (close geographic)
  • Healthcare
    • Corporate
    • Individual philanthropists
  • Faith
    • Congregants

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