Email Archiving FEATURES

If you’re using Office 365, you face a number of business and regulatory risks in regards to email protection.

  • You may have storage limits. Some Office 365 email archiving plans limit storage and retention for archived email. That means you could reach a point where your emails aren’t being preserved.
  • You’re only indexing 50 attachment types. Office 365 archiving supports indexing and data extraction for just 50 types of file attachments. This limits your ability to find information during a compliance audit or litigation discovery request.
  • Emails can be removed from your archive. Unless a legal hold is placed on an email, it can be permanently deleted by a user. Office 365’s archiving service doesn’t fully prevent data loss and exposes your business to additional risk.
  • The life of the archive is tied to the life of the mailbox. If you delete a user’s mailbox, the archive is lost as well. So when an employee leaves your company, Office 365 forces you to make an expensive choice: remove the user and lose the archive, or keep the archive—and keep paying for a user who no longer exists.

Because of these limitations, if you’re using Office 365’s archiving and you operate in a regulated industry, you may not be compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, SOX and other regulations.

Add tamper-proof Email Archiving to Office 365

Email Archiving from 3 Run Single integrates with Office 365 to provide unlimited email archiving, with support for over 500 file types.

It facilitates compliance and speeds eDiscovery by featuring WORM-compliant (Write Once Read Many) tamper-proof storage, 100% data capture across all devices, and ultra-fast search capabilities.

Unlike Microsoft Office 365’s archiving service, Email Archiving from 3 Run Single helps you avoid litigation costs, manage regulatory compliance, and protect and recover critical business data.

Consider moving to 3 Run Single Media’s Office in the Cloud

When 3 Run Single powers your email, Email Archiving adds even greater value to your cloud deployment. Here’s why:

  • Simple pricing. Email Archiving adds a simple per-mailbox monthly fee to your bill.
  • One vendor and one bill. Your budgeting and auditing processes remain simple and straightforward.
  • One source of support. No need to remember more phone numbers, account numbers or passwords.
  • Direct integration between email provider and email archive. You never have to worry about incompatibilities.
  • Ensure new users are compliant. You can configure HostPilot to automatically provision Email Archiving for every new user.
  • Plan flexibility. Unlike other providers, you can assign Email Archiving to specific mailboxes, instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all solution.

Email Archiving offers end-users access to historical mail for day-to-day knowledge management as well as for business continuity.

  • End-user access. Employees can access their personal archive through My Services, 3 Run Single Media’s end-user portal, via the web or within Outlook. They can quickly find and retrieve any email, attachment or file belonging to them.
  • Robust searching features. End-users can search their archived email by sender, recipient, attachment type, and many other variables.
  • Remove quota pressures. If your current provider enforces quotas, end-users are often forced to delete their emails. Email Archiving eliminates this pressure.

Control for Email Archiving

Email Archiving leverages the user and device permissions you’ve already configured for your other Office in the Cloud services. Get full administrative control from a simple-to-use interface that’s accessed from HostPilot control panel.

  • Accessibility permissions. Grant different levels of accessibility to the archive
  • End-user permissions. Allow employees to access their personal archives to retrieve emails, attachments or files belonging to them.
  • Implement blanket retention policy. You can implement a single, global blanket retention policy based on your regulatory verticals or storage needs.
  • Reduce end-user requests. Admins generally no longer have to address requests from end users who have lost their email.
  • No local installation of hardware or agents. You can be fully configured, capturing email and performing discovery searches within minutes.
  • No hardware or software licenses to buy.
  • Reporting. Build reports based on the archive activity by date, user, UI action, mailbox and more to review the activity in your archive.
  • Archive the right users. Admins have the flexibility to deploy archiving to all mailboxes within an organization—or to just specific ones.
  • Retain data regardless of employee behavior. In certain circumstances, employees may attempt to erase their personal data. Email Archiving keeps their records immutably stored regardless of attempts to alter or delete it.
  • Better storage management. If your current email provider enforces a mailbox quota, Email Archiving reduces your storage burden.

Capture messages

  • Data capture of emails and attachments
  • Includes full indexing and extraction of more than 400 different file types
  • Stored data is replicated to geographically dispersed datacenters in real-time
  • Capture emails and attachments that are sent and received on virtually any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • Capture emails sent and received through Exchange, IMAP or POP email platforms

Rely on our infrastructure

  • Stored data is auditable
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • Archived data is housed in geographically disparate datacenters (separate from our Exchange datacenters)
  • Our datacenters are SSAE 16 audited, ISO 27001 and PCI compliant, and FISMA Moderate certified

Help reduce on-premises storage costs

  • Offload message storage from your corporate servers to 3 Run Single Media’s cloud
  • Unlimited storage growth automatically matches your mailbox/data growth with no investment or installation on your part
  • Give every mailbox unlimited archive storage for a small monthly fee
  • Simplify restoration options and recover archived emails in the event of an on-premises failure
  • Add as many mailboxes as you need—you won’t outgrow Email Archiving

Easy, flexible searching

  • Three different search methods (simple, wizard, advanced)
  • Search using filters, wildcards, advanced Boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators
  • Search full text of all email and attachments
  • Tagging capabilities let you identify content accurately and quickly
  • Add notes to connect results to specific investigations
  • Implement a “legal hold” to identify, segregate and preserve relevant data found during an eDiscovery operation

Robust recovery options

  • All user data is stored in a central repository to allow admins to perform a single search across every mailbox in your account
  • Recover messages back to the administrator’s mailbox
  • Categorize results before exporting them
  • Export options include PST, SF, EML, HTML, PDF and other formats

Why preserve your email?

3 Run Single Media’s Email Archiving tool helps provide preservation, protection and recovery features that meet or exceed the standards necessary to facilitate regulatory compliance—while speeding eDiscovery and helping to safeguard your valuable intellectual property.

According to a 2015 Insider Risk Report, 57% of survey respondents have deleted email from their business accounts. What if that email contained important company data or attachments with confidential information? Learn how to combat this and other risky employee security practices.

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance Helps fulfill requirements of HIPAA, FRCP, SOX, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, SEC and other regulations.
  • Office 365 integration You can add Email Archiving's protection and eDiscovery benefits to email hosted by Office 365 (or nearly any other provider).
  • 99.999% financially backed SLA 99.999% uptime means less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.
  • Safeguard intellectual property Capture every email as it's sent or received, ensuring a 100% accurate repository with no data loss.
  • Speed eDiscovery Cut the risks and costs of complying with discovery requests.

Email Archiving BENEFITS

The rules for email are clear: FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, and SEC regulations all require nearly every company to maintain a complete and easily accessible archive.

While there are over 1,000 different federal, state and local regulations, an organization is typically required to store their email in tamper proof, redundant and easily accessible archives for 3-7 years. Failure to comply can lead to costly fines and penalties.

Specific compliance requirements

Here are some of the specific regulations that may apply to your business.

  • FINRA. FINRA pertains primarily to financial services. Under these rules, correspondence of emails to the public pertaining to the firm’s business—whether it is generated from the home, office or elsewhere—is subject to provision.
  • SEC. Mainly parallel to FINRA rules and pertaining to financial services, SEC rules require specific requirements for broker dealers. SEC Rule 17a-4 requires brokers and dealers to preserve their email for at least six years.
  • FRCP. The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require all organizations, large or small, to maintain complete archives with ESI that is readily accessible in the event of litigation.
  • HIPAA.All healthcare organizations must take steps to simplify and standardize electronic data exchange, and protect the confidentiality and security of all electronic health data managed by the organization.
    • HIPAA requires healthcare companies to preserve email messages and attachments containing patient health status, medical care, treatments, etc.
    • Each instance of HIPAA email compliance failure is punishable up to seven-figure fines, criminal charges and even jail time.
  • SOX. All public companies are required to show governance and security controls for financial information. All information transmitted via email; revenue sheets, finance updates, and even internal notes, must be protected in a compliant manner. If a company fails to meet SOX requirements, heavy fines are imposed.

3 Run Single Media’s Email Archiving keeps you compliant

3 Run Single Media’s searchable Email Archiving automatically captures 100% of your inbound and outbound emails for preservation, protection and recovery. It assures compliance with the above regulations. It also eases eDiscovery by making it easy to perform comprehensive search requests for audits, litigation, or internal queries.

Background: While every industry offers unique regulatory challenges, many industries are required by legislation to comply with long-term data management regulations. Compliance is often determined on three factors: security (data must be safeguarded against all threats to its integrity); permanence (data must be retained in its original state without being altered); and auditability (data must be accessible in a timely manner when required.)

How Email Archiving helps: 3 Run Single Media’s Email Archiving offers security, permanence and auditability that meets stringent compliance guidelines across a variety of industries and government agencies. Our searchable archiving solutions comply with regulations from FRCP, SEC, and GLBA to HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, and more.

Background: If your business is implicated in a lawsuit or other legal action, a court may order discovery of your email records and relevant information. Without an easily searchable archive, you may be forced to dedicate considerable time and resources to comply with a Discovery order. And because many statutes require data to be stored for 2 to 7 years, a court will show little flexibility if your data is unavailable or inaccessible. Failure to comply could result in steep fines and negatively impact your business.

How Email Archiving helps: Osterman Research estimates that 35% of the total cost of litigation is represented by eDiscovery.3 But with 3 Run Single Media’s Email Archiving, you can cut your risk and cut the costs of complying with discovery requests. Not only are your emails preserved and protected for the lifetime of your business, but it’s simple to recover and produce emails to comply with legal requests or audits.

3 Osterman Research, The Growing Importance of E-Discovery on Your Business

Background: Gartner estimates that about 45% of an organization’s emails provide some business value because they are related to a project, an initiative or are considered an official record.1 It’s critical to protect this valuable asset—not just to preserve institutional knowledge against employee turnover, but to assure that emails cannot be accidentally (or deliberately) deleted by your employees. What’s more, Osterman Research estimates that email storage needs are growing at 31% annually2. If your email is hosted on-premise, the costs of storing your intellectual property will rise astronomically over the life of your business.

How Email Archiving helps: 3 Run Single Media’s Email Archiving ensures that the value of your company’s intellectual property is maintained in perpetuity. By capturing every email as it’s sent or received, it ensures a 100% accurate repository, even if an employee deletes an individual email or an entire PST file. It also gives employees the power to recover emails that they may have accidentally lost.

1 Gartner, Best Practices for Using Email Archiving to Eliminate PST and Mailbox Quota Headaches, September 2012
2 Osterman Research, Content Archiving Market Trends, 2011-2014

Reliability: "five nines" makes all the difference

Our cloud is purpose-built to deliver 99.999% up time with a financially backed SLA. Our Microsoft Certified architects and engineers make this happen by applying their deep expertise to our architecture, our world-class data centers, and the internet providers that connect our data centers to the world.

How would your business suffer if you couldn’t communicate with your customers or coworkers for a whole day? Or even half a day? With 3 Run Single’s five-nines up time guarantee, you won’t have to find out.

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