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Data & Analytics

We are more than just a digital marketing company for nonprofit organizations. We’re a group of experienced fundraisers who stitch together data across multiple channels to help you see behavior at an individual level.

GivingPoint is a platform that empowers nonprofits to manage online presence, advertising and marketing data to make inform decisions, and optimize marketing campaigns for continued further growth. We use these findings to make strategic plans and adjustments to your campaign, harvesting information that can trigger things like segmentation and personalized marketing. We work with your to nurture your supporters throughout the continuum.

Insights, Not Reports

Reports are meaningless if they don’t help decision-making. Our reports are more than just spreadsheets, they’re insights used to drive strategy and growth.

Anyone can do basic reporting and read the metrics on a surface level. To achieve breakthrough results, you need a deep look at hidden patterns that can predict the future. Through the Donor Evolution, 3 Run offers a suite of custom analytics to help turn data into big results.

Get The Views You Need

Within your account management and reporting dashboard, we connect your campaigns that tracks all the KPIs and metrics that matter to you and marketing efforts.

We combine all of your data into one place. That means attribution data for donations as well as omnichannel reporting — from direct mail to email to website visits and more. The result is a comprehensive view of the donor journey that can be used to fuel your fundraising strategy.