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3 Run Single Media

Experts with a personal touch

We’re not a massive agency. We’re fine with that. We like being a small team that has the capability of a massive agency but offers a more personal touch to our services.

We always put our clients before ourselves or our investors.  Here’s how we do that:

  • Custom strategy- Your business isn’t one size fits all and neither are our services.
  • Real Business Knowledge- We’re a team who have run successful businesses and can offer support to help grow yours.
  • Real Time Reporting- Don’t just see the data of results, see what we’re actually doing to get them.
  • Monthly Calls- Most agencies keep their clients in the dark. We invite you to the table for everything we do.
  • Expertise- Even though our team has served over 1000 clients, we never get complacent. The digital landscape changes and we change with it.
  • Results- We’re 100% transparent on what goals are from day one. If we don’t hit them, fire us. It’s that simple.

Our core values are essentially who we are, what we stand for and what we aim to continually be. As a customer-centric company, 3 Run Single Media’s focus is to passionately build relationships for mutual success. We do this by aligning the right people with the right tools for the right reason. Embracing these core values is essential to executing our strategy and ensuring a work environment that supports the company’s objective and inspires all of us to grow.

Clients will stay with us, prospects will seek to work with us and our employee remain dedicated to us.  Living by these values will assure that 3 Run Single Media will be an enduring vibrant place to work and will have a legacy beyond the era we are in today.

  • This value remains continuous in our thoughts, a defined intention across.
  • Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty – the three pillars

Here's how you get the freedom to focus

The five pillars of our Worry-Free Experience—security, reliability, on-boarding, support and regulatory compliance—are designed to ensure that nothing distracts you and your employees from adding value to your business.



We want our services to inspire you to grow your business to higher levels of success.  See measurable results that bring ROI.


Get your brand out front of your competitors online where the world lives.  We want you to see your business excel and grow.


Teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


Your message is important. In today’s multi-media world it can get lost among the high volume of information produced, or be missed by not being accessible in all formats. Competition is fierce for consumer, investor, or donor eyeballs and you need to stand out.
The written and spoken word has an incredible power to convey a message, provide context, ensure understanding, and ultimately initiate action. In our busy, digital media-age that power is sometimes taken for granted and/or misused through neglect of the basic steps of proper communications. Volume and ease of access does not necessarily translate to understanding and quality.

3RunSingle Media gives access to adaptable, quality, writing and communications services to entities large and small. And the ability to more efficiently and concisely direct your important messages to constituencies interested in learning about what makes your mission, service, and products special.

Communications is pretty simple when broken down to its component parts. At 3RunSingle Media, we build and share your important messages one base at a time, refining your story until its pencil sharp. Readying it for distribution through multiple platforms where your audience, your base, can easily access it.
Whether you are looking for long-term service or a single, one-time purpose, we look forward to learning how we can put 3RunSingle Media to work for you.