Are you Ready for VOIP? – Voice Over Internet Protocol


Your phone system is the heartbeat of your business. Sales, service, support, and team collaboration all depend upon a phone system that is easy to use and functioning at optimal levels. VOIP, voice over internet protocol platforms have opened a world of possibilities for configuration and function. Still, there are many myths circulating that prevent business owners from taking a closer look. 3 Run Single Media will help you determine if VOIP is right for you, or if your current VOIP provider has your phone systems optimized.

Keep your number

Adapting 21st Century phone systems is easy. You keep the same business number that customers and clients have used to reach you. If you are a new business, a local number is selected. Unique extensions are applied to your main line to reach departments or individuals. Your inbound/outbound caller ID works as it always has.

Cloud-based reliability

Your cloud-based phone platform from 3 Run Single Media is immune to local outages. Never miss another call due to local service interruption. Should desk phones go down, calls are automatically routed to linked mobile numbers. Our phone systems have a 99.999% (five 9s) reliability ranking. The highest in the industry.

No hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade, or replace

Your phone system can do more for less. The virtual nature of 3 Run Single Media’s cloud-based phone systems negates the need for hardware purchases and upgrades. And with flat, per-user rates with unlimited domestic local and long-distance calling, you will lower both infrastructure and operating costs.

Do more with voice and data on one platform

Your voice system is just the beginning. With our Elevate mobile and desktop app you can consolidate voice and data onto one network. Your team can interact seamlessly with the corporate phone system anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

In addition to voice, your team can increase collaboration via the Elevate app:

– integrated chat


– video conferencing

– screen sharing

– file sharing & backup

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