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We all know that expecting better results from the same old techniques is not a good business model.

A system with a long history…. Professional fundraiser and 3 Run Single Media co-owner Shannon Schweigert began referring to the annual fund system promoted by his consulting firm GivingPoint as “Donor Evolution” in the late 2000’s. But its history dates back long before then.

Shannon began his fundraising career in 1992 at his alma mater University of Jamestown (Jamestown College) a private, liberal arts college in Jamestown, North Dakota. He learned fundraising “on the job” and was fortunate to be surrounded by successful “field-experienced” fundraisers from select private higher education institutions where raising money was not for the “wants” but for the “needs.”


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We can help you achieve great results across several key areas including online management, Social Media, Donation Forms, Digital Marketing and Direct Mail.

We combine creative ideas with our fundraising and marketing experience in search technologies to deliver measurable results for your mission.  We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your donors by engaging them with your brand.

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Optimize our clients’ mission potential by applying our skills to enhance how they speaklisten and share online.

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At the heart of successful fundraising is proper donor cultivation….
It is a given that the faces of your advancement/fundraising office will change, and sometimes change often without little time to prepare. Professional turnover in fundraising is prevalent. To protect your organization’s success and sustainability, we suggest you make a commitment to the tried-and-true concepts that will give you an edge in fundraising no matter your personnel, or more specifically personnel turnover. We adhere to the pillars of donor cultivation: 1. engagement with supporters in a real and meaningful manner, 2. participation from benefactors in the success of your mission, and 3. a steadfast commitment to donor stewardship.

Systems and process…
In support of these pillars is accountability; a commitment to the day-to-day tasks necessary to build philanthropic support across the continuum of gift and donor types. A distinct delineation between internal (awareness, impulse, repeat, and sustained giving) and external operations (personal cultivation, major gifts, gift plans, special projects, and capital campaigns). A process to identify respective donor thresholds, moving respective donor prospects into personal cultivation. And a system for institutional memory (data) so that what has been gained each year can be built upon the next

The science of fundraising…..
During a two-year stint in foundation administration, Shannon was afforded access to data from dozens of nonprofits of distinct sizes and success. It was here that he studied how donors truly move on the donor continuum in aggregate. This knowledge was applied to establish baseline benchmarks: the next stage of what would become the Donor Evolution System.


Some remarkable events our leading up to 3 Run Single Media. 

April, 2007

GivingPoint. is founded…. Shannon Schweigert co-founded GivingPoint – Partners in Fundraising. The firm was built by field-tested fundraising professionals. It was noted for its uncommon support of fundraising executives: best practices in both the art and science of fundraising. During its six years of operation, the firm served approximately sixty-five (65) nonprofit organizations in capital campaign design and management, major and planned gift design, as well as those implementing the Donor Evolution system.

October 2019

3 Run Single Media brings Donor Evolution into the Digital Age…. The founding of 3 Run Single Media created an opportunity for something unique for Annual Fundraising. With the solid fundamentals of Donor Evolution and digital techniques and analytics readily used by 3 Run Single Media, GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION™ re-emerged as an Annual Fundraising system for the 21st Century. With it comes the history of success, accountability, and ease of implementation for which its predecessor was known. To that solid foundation is added modern digital media for great reach, targeted analytics, and ease of adaptation.

Built from field experience, ready grow and sustain your Annual Fundraising…. This release of GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION™ is the complete Annual Fund package: direct mail, digital marketing and donor prospect identification, digital giving, personal cultivation identification, and benchmarking to identify thresholds for donor movement throughout the donor continuum. GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION™ has the capacity to execute your Annual Fund’s internal operations, allowing development officers to concentrate efforts on personal cultivation with major donors identified via the system’s analytics. Raise more money for your mission with GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION™